Gurley Street Chair Alarms About Drug Addiction

In the wake of the Liberian government to fight against the proliferation of drugs in the country and the recent law calling for life imprisonment for culprits, the Chairman of the Gurley Street Community District #8, Mr. William Richard Carter, has added his voice in order to curb this unwholesome act.

In an interview on Sunday, Mr. Carter said the proliferation of narcotic drugs in communities from UN Drive to Gurley street seems farfetched from curailing it. He said because of the unwholesome behavior,unscrupulous individuals come from as far as West Point and disturb nearby areas. He is therefore calling on the national police to intervene in curbing this situation because according to him it is causing an embarrassment to the dwellers in these areas. He then cautioned the residents of the community that they must expose those people who are poised to destroy the future of the youths and teenagers to the nearest police stations.

As regards to the development of the said community, Mr. Carter revealed that they are in dire need of pit latrines, literacy classes and hand pumps among others. He disclosed that during the 2011 General Presidential elections, Cllr. Musa Dean who was then vying for the House promised to provide a hand pump but to date it is yet to be seen. As for the literacy classes he said they contacted one Mr. Philip Gibson who refused their request with the pretext that he too was about to open similar classes for the elderly but since four years now Mr. Carter said nothing has been visible.On their own weak way he added that they have embarked on general clean-up campaign, study classes for less unfortunate kids but however they need materials such as chalkboards, chalks, stationeries among others.