Drama At Armed Robbery Scene

By Melissa Chea-Annan

It was indeed a dramatic scene last Wednesday morning on SD Cooper Road in Paynesville, when a Police Officer, Sgt. Eric Suo, who was called upon to rescue a family from armed robbery attack was also placed under gunpoint by the armed robbers.   Sgt. Suo, who was unarmed when he approached the scene, was requested by the armed robbers to search himself thoroughly; and thereafter he was ordered by the armed robbers to lie on the ground with his hands over his head.

The Police Sergeant who is assigned at the Sports Complex Depot told our reporter that it was God who saved his life from those armed robbers. He said, “When the lady came for rescue, I went on the scene to help the family, but the armed robbers told me to halt, and so I halted.”

Sgt. Suo narrated, “The guys pointed their guns to my head and asked if I wanted to live or die. I told him that I wanted to live and so, he told me to get up and run for my life. I started running because I never had any weapon and by that time, the armed robbers had already accomplished their mission.”

Minutes after the armed robbers had attacked the residence of Mr. Joseph Bukani, they flogged him and his kids and hit his 14-year old daughter with one of the guns they carried on the scene.

The armed robbers took along cutlasses, knives, sticks and guns to fight back, just in case they met any resistance. The robbers made away with several valuables, including cell phones, and cash among others.

After robbing the home and attacking Mr. Bukani with their guns, the robbers opened fire, when they mistook a fire truck for a police vehicle.

The driver of the fire truck put on his siren, apparently en route to a rescue mission and so when the truck used the S.D. Cooper Road at about 4:00 A.M., the robbers heard the siren and assumed that it was a re-enforcement from the police, especially after attacking the Police Sergeant.

The armed robbers hastily took the flat screen television and other items they had stolen from Mr. Bukani’s residence and dashed them to another residence since they didn’t have a vehicle for their booty.

Mr. Bukani who was hit hard in his chest by the robbers was rushed to the hospital later for treatment, while the armed robbers also made away with some cash and all of the cell phones from that house.