Exec Mansion Responds To Chris Neyor’s Letter

Exec Mansion Responds To Chris Neyor's Letter

The 2nd Deputy Press Secretary to the President has dismissed the “Open Letter” of Mr. Christopher Neyor describing it as a low diatribe which is politically motivated.  Mr. Christopher Sellee spoke exclusively to the Liberian News Agency on Tuesday, at his Executive Mansion Office.

According to Mr. Sellee, “At this crucial time in the development of our country, for anyone to imagine that the Liberian President would be “plotting” to destroy them because they have perceived political differences with the administration is trapped in time; is sadly unaware of the growing space for political participation and inclusion; and is yet to come to grips with the ongoing political transition, democratic consolidation and economic transformation of the country – cherished legacies of this President.”

Mr. Sellee explained that as the Liberians expect, President Sirleaf continues to be busy working to improve the lives of the people and the image of the country focusing, as always, on ongoing challenges to the country’s recovering economy, improving the infrastructure and resolving threats of a renewed outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, among many others, rather than have time for political maneuvers whose ends are wholly selfish, desires to undermine the progress of the country, and would not contribute to resolving any of the challenges with which the country is faced.

The 2nd Deputy Presidential Spokesman warned politicians and contenders for elected offices to focus on persuading potential voters about how they can contribute to improving their lives rather than seeking to draw unnecessary attention to themselves through falsehood, subterfuge and gamesmanship. “Our people now know better,” Mr. Sellee reminded Mr. Neyor.