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National Drivers Union Formed..Vows To Curtail Criminal Activities; Trains Drivers

A new union named and styled the National Drivers Union of Liberia (NADUL) has been formed and registered as a business entity in the country.

The NADUL was organized on May 21, 2014 to train all vehicle drivers both commercial and private operating in the country before they can obtain a driver’s license in the country.

According to the National President of the NADUL, Mr. Charles S. Garyu, the union will impact standard driver-training for any vehicle operator in the country before they can take up employment with any public or private entity.

Mr. Garyu told the INQUIRER that the NADUL will also ensure the financial empowerment of drivers, arrange commercial vehicles traveling throughout the country and mark them with a sticker indicating their point of departure and destination.

The NADUL National President said the effort of the union is intended to buttress the Government of Liberia’s effort aimed at improving Liberia’s transport sector.

Mr. Garyu said the NADUL will ensure that non-Liberian drivers are trained before they can be employed but such exercise will only start if they can produce Residence and Work permit.

He said commercial drivers’ vehicles will be marked relative to their point of origin and destination noting that this exercise will curtail criminal activities being carried out by some commercial drivers in the form of “Passenger 47.”

He disclosed that his union will be working in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, saying, “Currently we have our offices on Camp Johnson Road.”

Mr. Garyu disclosed that such an exercise is working perfectly in other African countries, and Liberia being a member of the global village must subscribe to the efforts aimed at improving systems.



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