National Symbols Review Project launched

By Melissa Chea-Annan

The National Symbols, under the theme “Reviewing Liberia’s National Symbols to Renew National Identity” has been launched.

The National Symbols Review is intended to provide a forum for Liberians from all walks of life, as well as the country’s international partners to understand and appreciate the need for a review of the symbols as derived from the national vision exercise and the roadmap for national reconciliation.

At the official ceremony in Paynesville over the weekend, House Speaker, Alex Tyler cautioned the National Symbols Review Project Committee to be careful in their work and not to allow any narrow partisan or sectarian interest to influence their judgment.

Speaker Tyler, through his proxy, pointed out that the national symbols of flag, the national anthem, and court of arms are not perfect, but they are enduring and so the Committee must not be too hasty to gratify the transient sentiments of the movement.

The House Speaker warned the Committee that the action they take as they review the symbols and changes they make will be reviewed by generations of Liberians for another 200 years and beyond and so the Commission should take precaution so that they cannot be judged as the last one without implementations of the proposals.

In her Keynote address, Sister Mary Laurene Browne, president of the Stella Maris Polytechnic University, pointed out that the state of Liberia as a nation is ‘foggy’ because the people believe in uniform than being united.

She assured her listening audience that the Committee will examine and re-examine the symbols to make Liberia a nation.

The Vice President of Liberia, Joseph N. Boakai, in brief remarks, challenged Liberians to be nationalistic and expressed hope that the process will reunite Liberians.

According to him, if Liberians put their homes in order they will always do the right thing.

The National Symbols Review Committee that was set up few months ago by the President of Liberia under the Governance Commission has been mandated to review the Flag, Seal, National Anthem, National Orders of Liberia, and the Liberian Humane Order of African Redemption.

The Committee will also review the Order of the Star of Africa, the Most Venerable Order of Knighthood of the Pioneers of the Republic of Liberia and Military Orders among others.