Gardnersville Magisterial Court Hearing Assault Case

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

The Gardnersville magisterial court is expected to hear an aggravated assault matter filed before it by a lady who claimed she was attacked by some other ladies.

In her complaint before the court, as contained in the writ of arrest, the plaintiff, identified as Amanda Taylor, alleged that on May 8, the defendants, one Benetor Decontee and others to be identified did attack her last month.

The complainant alleged that the defendant in these proceedings did and then without any color of legal rights, justification or license whatsoever purposely, knowingly and with criminal intent to harm jointly jumped on her assaulted her.

She alleged that she was beaten and battered her with deadly and silent weapons known to be kicks, slaps, teeth, sticks, and as the direct result of the assault she sustained wounds on her head, ear and bruises on diverse parts of her body.

The writ of arrest also accused the defendants of raining insults on the complainant saying, “You Amada Taylor, you are a stupid girl,” and that there were other abusive words yet to be mentioned at the trial.

The writ of arrest said that it was based on these that the accused and others, yet to be identified, have been charged with aggravated assault. The case has been before the court since last month and is pending before it.