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Trinity Methodist Holds Father’s Day Program

The United Methodist Church in New Kru Town is among several churches holding their Father’s Day program on Sunday. The honoree, who presently resides in the United States, is expected in the country tomorrow.

During the program, a dedicated, faithful ad committed member of the church, Bro. K. Advertus Karpeh, is expected to be honored as “Father of The Year.” Several others will be honored as Brothers, special honorees and grandfather.

Mr. Karpeh, a graduate of the D. Twe High School, formerly, William R. Tolbert high School in New Kru Town, is credited for organizing members of the church in the Diaspora, especially in the United States of America, who continue to make enormous contributions to the church.

It is said that through his efforts, a data base has been created for members of the church residing in that country. Bro. Karpeh is a former employee of the Ministry of Public Works.



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