BIVAC Trains Custom, Commence Employees

As part of its contractual mandate, BIVAC International has held the fourth in a series of training programs for employees of the Bureau of Customs and Excise and their counterparts from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The latest training known as Quality, Infrastructure and Standardization Consignment Base Confirmative Assessment brought together thirty persons from the Ministries of Finance and Commerce in a bid to practicalize issues of quality and standard.

According to BIVAC Liberia’s Managing Director, Mr. Henry Bernald, BIVAC brought in an international expert, Mr. Robert Hajj from Lebanon who served as facilitator for the three-day training program.

Mr. Bernald expressed the hope that participants at the training would take the exercise seriously and take the knowledge acquired from the training session to their colleagues in the field so as to ensure the issue of the standard of goods coming into the country.

He disclosed that similar training will be held in December of 2014 to enhance the skills and better coordinate the efforts of custom and commerce employees.