Rights Group Commends NASSCORP Management…For Construction Of Complex

The Consortium of Rights Advocate in Liberia has commended the management of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) for the completion and dedication of the Multipurpose Complex by NASSCORP on.

The Pro-democracy group has at the same time, commended the Director General and his able lieutenants for the newly constructed NASSCORP Administrative Building couples with praises from the public of the management of NASSCORP.

The head of the group Mr. Amos B. S. Kanneh noted, “The Consortium of Rights Advocate in Liberia wants to make the following comments of praises and recommendationsat the exploit of the NASSCORP Authority under the leadership of DewitttVonballmoos which led to the achievement of such multipurpose complex is laudable, worthy and deserving of emulation by other autonomous institutions, the group said

It further called on institutions and groups that contributed to the activities of the entity to continue their support to the entity as its leadership shall ensure that it institutes programs gear toward the development of the institution which will benefit and avoid misappropriation.

The Consortium of Rights Advocate added that the construction of such enormous multipurpose complex value at US$11M is a testimony that the entity under the Dewitt Vonballmoos leadership shall continue to invest so hugely to the improvement of society.

The group saidas an issue of specific importance is the awarding of the contract to a Liberian own entity which successful completed the construction of the building to a satisfactory level is an evident of the entrenchedbelieved in the investment of Liberian own businesses consistent with the Liberianization drive.

“We also want to recommend that the leadership of NASSCORP should extend such investment to the 15 counties of Liberia so that the dream of those beneficiaries can become a reality.

In conclusion, the group noted that the action on the part of NASSCORP is a significant exploit, an act worth emulating and a need for a continuity of the stewardship of Dewitt Vonballmoos and his pool of assistants under whose advice the current NASSCORP multipurpose complex is now a reality.