Row Over CDC Primary IN M’land…7 Extra Ballots Discovered

Row Over CDC Primary IN M’land…7 Extra Ballots Discovered

By Lewis Verdier

The CDC primary has resulted to foul play and marked with fraud as seven extra ballots in black and white were discovered of which six were in favor of Bhofal Chambers and one was in favor of Jimmy Anderson.

During the primary, a group of men and women under the banner ‘Friends of Jimmy Anderson’ stated that the CDC Primary had foul play. Our correspondent in Maryland County said Chambers accumulated four votes of the 32 recognized electorates.

After the voting, ballot was counted secretly while three gentlemen were caught tampering with the ballots resulting to fist fight and insults among partisans and friends of both contestants. Later, calm returned in the hall and the ballots were counted thus, giving Jimmy 28 votes, Chambers four and including six fake ballots marked ‘X’.

Despite his alleged foul play according to our correspondent, Mr. James Anderson told the INQUIRER that he is prepared for re-election if the CDC executives decide.