Who Sent Plain-Clothed Security Officers To Costa’s Station?

By Garmonyou Wilson

A scene of pandemonium erupted yesterday on Ashmum St. when plain clothed security officers were seen outside the offices of 102.7 Voice FM to allegedly arrest the show’s co-host, Woods  Nyanton.

According to Nyanton, he received information that his recent statement calling for the resignation of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had got him in trouble again with law enforcers.

Nyanton informed this paper that after receiving the call, he looked out through the station’s window and saw three plain-clothed security personnel approaching the building where the station is located.

Nyanton said he informed other workers to lock the iron-gate leading to the Voice’s office so as to prevent the security from entering.

Speaking to this paper outside the Voice’s Ashmum St. offices, the Costa Show’s co-host said President Sirleaf’s dismissal of former Lofa County Superintendent,  Galakpai Kortimai from the General Services Agency (GSA) after he was indicted by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) for financial irregularities was the topic being discussed.

Nyanton added that during the show, he called for the resignation of the Liberian President something he thinks prompted the security personnel to gather outside the Voice’s office.

Upon receiving words of the presence of security officers outside the controversial talk show’s office, a mammoth of crowd surged out thereby allegedly causing the security men to back off. While no arrest was made during the fracas, but the question then is, who sent the security men to the Costa show station?