Our Candid Appeal To President Sirleaf

MADAM PRESIDENT! IT is believed that whenever one is being appointed, such person must have met the criteria and must be able to perform and produce positive results in the interest of the people and society, in order to keep the “engine of our bus beating.”

MADAM PRESIDENT! WHEN Minister Antoinette Weeks was appointed by you recently, taking into consideration her rich Curriculum Vitae and her ‘experience’ in the field, the expectation of Liberians was high with the hope that a college graduate from an advanced country like the great United States of America, would prioritize the construction and rehabilitation of roads in strategic parts of the country, beginning with Montserrado County.

IT APPEARS AS though the hope of the Liberian people has been dashed and that Minister Weeks has further embarrassed your administration, judging from her attitude, not just to those who are employed at the Ministry of Public Works but to the contractors as well as the lawmakers of the country.

MADAM PRESIDENT, FROM all indications, Minister Weeks has not taken into consideration the plight of the commuters and drivers who continue to commute and ply the roads of Bardnersville, and Gardnersville, as well as the Somalia Drive and other communities within Montserrado ,that is why she has allegedly ignored the calls of those contractors who have  endlessly pleaded with her to commence the road project in line with your promise that the road construction would have started in February this year.

MADAM PRESIDENT! WHAT is more irritating is the fact that Minister Weeks has become so arrogant in her response to questions thereby making the public to believe that she is ‘untouchable’ and is intentionally neglecting her obligations due to her personal relationship with you.

MADAM PRESIDENT! WE are therefore appealing to you to have Minister Weeks disciplined to save your administration from public ridicule. We believe that you are the ‘Iron Lady’ and a ‘Woman’ of your words and as such you know exactly what is best for the Liberian people, that was why you promised, that the road project would have commenced in February this year. Right now, the roads are very deplorable.

MADAM PRESIDENT, COMMENTING on the country’s economy in your latest nationwide address, you said, “I renew to you this solemn pledge: Our economy will be restored to its full potentials. This effort is already underway with my direct leadership. This effort will require changes in officials, prosecutions of offenders, challenges to partners, as well as reforms in policies and actions.”

MADAM PRESIDENT! PLEASE Take Action now to protect your integrity and also in the interest of the Country and its people. This is our Candid Appeal!