NASSCORP Earmarks More Projects…Dedicates US$11m Modern Building

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

Consistent with its investment objectives, as required by the Act establishing the entity, the management of NASSCORP has announced that it is in the process of planning and building a medical diagnostic center and a new headquarter for its operation in the country.

The disclosure was made last Friday by the entity’s Director General, Mr. Dewitt VonBallmoos, at the dedication of NASSCORP multipurpose house at the ELWA Junction.

The building has been described by many onlookers as “a beauty for ELWA Junction and the city of Paynesville. Since the post conflict in the country, this is the first of its kind for a government’s autonomous agency to erect a multi-complex like what is seen at ELWA Junction.”

In his speech delivered during the dedicatory ceremony, Mr. VonBallmoos told the audience that the medical diagnostic center will provide service for the Liberian people.

Having such facility, Mr. VonBallmoos explained that it would prevent Liberians from traveling to foreign countries to diagnose diseases or afflictions that are common in the country. The new NASSCORP headquarter will be constructed on one of the properties that has been acquired by management in the city.

As for the newly constructed building, Mr. VonBallmoos said the structure was conceived, designed and constructed entirely by Liberians-from the drawing boards to the placing of ever brick; from installing the roof, to the laying of every tile; placing of every fixture to the putting of windows and every other things.

“Today we are dedicating a 66,000-square-foot facility with commercial space containing large sections that can be converted into any requirement of clients. Unlike other public buildings, we can boast of more than 100 parking spaces for clients and people coming to do business here,” NASSCORP Boss stated.

The NASSCORP boss indicated that the journey toward the end of the project which began in 2009, has been challenging, but rewarding and indeed meaningful, especially from the purchasing of the land, complying  with PPCC requirements, securing consultants and awarding the contract, to the laying of the foundation.

According to Mr. VonBallmoos, it was also worthy to note that from the entity’s own resources, NASSCORP was able to raise US$11m plus needed for the construction of the building and was not obliged, in any way, to secure or solicit loans from any lending institution or any other private entity.

“I am proud to inform you today that this building, one of our many commercial properties, with others in Buchanan, Voinjama and Kakata, all of which were acquired and built between 2007 and now, was financed exclusively through the contributions we have received from the compliant workforce of the Republic, employers and employees,” Mr. VonBallmoos said.

Mr. VonBallmoos used the occasion to pay a special tribute to his predecessor, Mr. Francis M. Carbah, during whose administration of the corporation, and in consultation with his executive staff and board of directors, the dream was conceived and partially implemented.

Additionally, Mr. VonBallmoos expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the architect and contractor, Mr. Sylvanus O’Connor of AEP (architect), Mr. Henry Q. Taylor of ECOCON (contractor), and their team workers.

For her part, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf lauded the management of NASSCORP for bringing transformation to the growth and development of the country.

President Sirleaf said transformation is a process, but to the politically misguided, misinformed critics, who continue to say nothing has been done, “I say to them we will continue to give them nothing, and nothing”.

The Liberian leader reminded the audience that only hard working Liberians can make Liberia what it should be and encouraged Mr. VonBallmoos and his team to continue the good work they have done.