Executive Mansion Hits Back At Simeon Freeman…Says His Analyses On the Economy Are Dead wrong

The Executive Mansion in strong words has hit back at opposition politician, Simeon Freeman for his recent analyses on the state of the nation economy.

Responding robustly to the analyses of the political leader of the opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Presidential Press Secretary, Jerolinmek Matthew Piah described the MPC’s political leader’s statement as a display of gross indiscipline and naked political gimmick by the politician, Mr. Simeon Monseegar Freeman.

“In a democratic environment such as the one we have created in Liberia, it is normal that there will be comments and reactions to everything that come from the Government, the Presidency included,” Piah said.

Piah noted, “We welcome his perspectives on the President’s address in particular and on the overall State of the Nation’s economy, but like to draw attention to the following comments that were more about politics and the usual show of disrespect and misconduct to the Office of the Presidency, “the Executive Mansion Spokesman said.

He noted that Mr. Freeman’s analyses on the economy are dead wrong adding, “The substantive discussions on the economy is out for a debate and some of our people charged directly with matters concerning the economy at the Executive Mansion are herewith throwing out the challenge to Mr. Freeman on the address in particular, and the State of the Nation’s economy in general. With his consent, we can take advantage of the very platform he used on Monday and any other alternative pleasing and comfortable for him.”

“We know that Mr. Freeman as a former operative of the Taylor regime will never fall short of a flawed and baseless analysis and attribution of comparing the current very democratic and results-based government to not just the Taylor regime from which he amassed the wealth he brags about today, but to others he and his likes similarly condemned,” Freeman furthered.

The Executive Mansion said it is not surprised were Mr. Freeman to shower praises on the Sirleaf administration long after she leaves power noting, “This is how most Liberians see one’s worth when they leave the stage. Mr. Freeman suggests that President Sirleaf must apologize to some former leaders of Liberia, including his former boss Taylor. We would simply like to advise Mr. Freeman to stop living in the past and from being a constant victim of hallucination because the past that he so greatly benefitted from is gone and no amount of anger and hate from him can return those dark days.”

“It remains clear from Mr. Freeman’s constant campaign about the President’s resignation and/or impeachment that he recognizes the near non-existence of an empty talking machine call MPC which due to its empty nature has no faith in the democratic process, and that his only hope of imagining state power is through vain political agitation,” he stated.

Piah continued, “Mr. Freeman ought to know that President Sirleaf remains pleased with her governance record and will not get distracted by loud and empty talk from Freeman and his likes. He described his leader, President Sirleaf, as a loud talker and that there were no more lies to be told. How can such a young man speak so condescendingly about a leader aged enough to be his mother? Is it so difficult for Mr. Freeman to address issues of national concern without his usual acts of misconduct and indiscipline? In a talk show appearance that followed his so-called press conference today, he urged the President to attend classes under his tutelage and persistently referred to her as “Ellen” leaving more question about his moral upbringing.”

Piah then described Freeman’s statement as a very comical statement wondering, “How can a guy whose credentials are still being debated and questioned speak derogatorily about a leader whose credentials are replete and venerated? In fact, what is Mr. Freeman’s governance or work record that enabled him to make such a provocative comment to the President? Is something happening to him, or has his sense of simple reasoning and understanding being swallowed to the level of hate and anger that have overwhelmed him?”

He said Mr. Freeman without a better sense of judgment questioned credible individuals and institutions who have given awards to the President, suggesting that the awards were bought. “So the Americans were bought to give the Medal of Freedom Award? The Nobel Committee was also bought to award the President, and so on?”

On Tuesday, opposition politician Simeon Freeman predicted that the state of the Liberian economy will never resurrect under the administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Appearing on a local radio talk show, Mr. Freeman, said the Liberian economy is not only doomed but can never resurrect pointing out that the Liberian economy will not resurrect because President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has no solution capacity to improve it. “Ellen must come to my class so that she can be capacitated in economics because we are versatile in the economy as some of us own businesses in the country and understand the nation’s economy,” Freeman said; Morrison O.G. Sayon writes