R’Gee County H.R., Others Suspended… For Defrauding More Than LD200, 000, 00 From GOL Employees

By Edwin G. Wandah

Samuel S.K Watkins and Joe Noeneh have been suspended indefinitely for allegedly soliciting more than LD200, 000, 00 from several Government of Liberia employees in River Gee County.

According to the Superintendent of River Gee County, Daniel G. Johnson, Samuel S.K Watkins who lately served as Human Resource Personal of River Gee and Joe Noeneh who earlier worked in the office of the Superintendent before being suspended were accused of illegally collecting LD2, 000, 00 each, from more than 123 employees of the Liberian Government in River Gee County.

Some of the victims who spoke to the INQUIRER at the River Gee County Local Commercial Bank in Fish Town said they were asked by the individuals to pay the amount of LD2, 000, 00 for them to be placed on the GOL pay-roll.

According to them, some of them are replaced, while the rest of them are legitimate employees of the Government of Liberia, but felt disappointed when Samuel S.K Watkins and his colleague requested them to pay the said amount or they should go to Monrovia themselves to settle their names on the payroll.

“Some of us work for less than USD100, 00, and Samuel and his friend are asking us to go to Monrovia to get our money; this is unfair to us; we need to talk this to at least claim the attention of our local Government officials here,” Winston Brown stated.

“These guys are wicked; they don’t have conscience at all. How can they ask us to pay LD2, 000, 00? For what reason and are they going to give account of the money? To whom are they going to give account? This is really a bad joke for people and we believe it should not be an example for others to emulate. We are disappointed,” an elder woman stated.

A victim, Joseph Weah, alleged that during disbursement of salary checks to employees of Government of Liberia for the month of May in River Gee County, about 71 replaced Government of Liberia employees, and 52 supplementary employees on GOL salary were alleged to have paid LD2, 000, 00 to Samuel S.K Watkins and Joe Noeneh in cash or forfeit the benefit of having their names being placed on the payroll.