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MCSS Teachers On Strike

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Monrovia Consolidated School System Teachers’ Association (MCSSTA) has announced a non-stop strike action across MCSS in demand of transportation allowances, including the seven (7) months retroactive salaries of the ninety (90) teachers whose salaries were adjusted as per their qualifications in February 2014 and their just due payment.

On Monday, May 26, 2014, a joint session of the Faculty Representative Council (FRC) and the executives of the Teachers’ Association was convened at the G. W. Gibson High School and a resolution was passed that if absolutely nothing is done by the government to address the below listed counts within 72 hours, there would be a nonstop strike action across MCSS till their plights are addressed.

They want the Government of Liberia (GOL) to add at least a minimum of US$50.00 (fifty United States dollars) on all (employees) support staffs, securities, janitors, and administrators’ salaries as transportation allowances through internal adjustment.

The MCSSTA want their seven (7) months retroactive salaries of the ninety (90) teachers whose salaries were adjusted as per their qualification be paid by the Civil Service Agency, and Ministry of Finance before the 2014 budget year elapses.

According to them (teachers) CSA has affected the fifty Liberian dollars (L$50.00) due payment as per Article 11, Section 1 of the TA’S revised constitution and printed their outstanding checks for the months of October, September and December.

They want to inform the public that all negotiations have failed, and therefore, they wish to call on all employees of MCSS to lay down their educational weapons and stay away from job sites till their plights are addressed.

In an interview with one of the members of the FRC A. Glenn Tubman High School Trokonlon O.T. Weedor said, President Sirleaf who said she could not promise them (teachers) a bus because of maintenance and some might use it for their private gains but something will be added to their salary to assist in what is affecting them.

Mr. Weedor added that there are problems in receiving their salaries because sometimes they received LD 12,000 and sometimes received LD 9,000 and they do not know where the balance has been taken to. He also said that strike action will be over only if their pleas are met.

He stated further that they will not resume classes if GOL does not address their request, because if they just cut off their strike without the intervention of the government, then they will undoubtedly be regarded as mere jokers whenever they come out with similar strike action.

He added that there are rumors that all those who are part of the strike will be dismissed but it is a joke; people must know that being a teacher is not a crime and that, they are teaching because they want to build the future generation. He also said that their tests have been administered by securities, janitors, among others.

Mr. Weedor concluded that the MCSS Superintendent, Adolphus Benjamin Jacobs, mandated community dwellers to administer the tests at the A. Glenn Tubman High School.



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