Bar Association Welcomes Benefits For Judges

The Liberian National Bar Association-LNBA, at its Second Quarterly Assembly in Fish Town River Gee County over the weekend has endorsed amongst several things Retirement Pension and Death Benefits Scheme for Judges of Subordinate Court of Liberia.

The Draft Act to establish the Retirement Pension and Death Benefits Scheme of Judges of Subordinate Court of Liberia was submitted to the Executive Council of the LNBA for review and finalization, with inputs from Senator Counselor Frederick Doe Cherue, Counselor T. Negbalee Warner and Counselor A. N. Nwanbudike, was overwhelmingly endorsed by the entire body present at the Business Section of the LNBA on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

Elaborating on the benefits of the act of pension and death benefits scheme for judges, the committee explained that because several legal practitioners, most especially, judges live vulnerable and impoverished lives after their retirement.

According to the committee, when judges retire some of them are reduced to common beggars and become liabilities to friends and relatives, thereby creating serious humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile, the LNBA has also renewed its unwavering commitment to support, encourage, and promote efforts aimed at enhancing the Rule of Law and ensuring that every person residing in the Republic of Liberia is given access to transparent justice and equal protection under the law.

The issues of citizens’ rights protection was predicated upon the LNBA First Quarterly Assembly that was held in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County and brought to the Second Quarterly Assembly through the rule of law for persons residing in the Republic of Liberia and be given access to transparent justice, and the equal protection under the law of Liberia remains a serious concern.

Other issues seriously discussed and endorsed at the Second Quarterly Assembly in Fish Town, River Gee County on May 31st were the request of the Liberian Institute of Tax Practitioner for the LNBA to second a lawyer to serve on its Council, which was noted and endorsed.

It also said that interested lawyers are called upon and encouraged to contact the Secretariat of the LNBA with their curriculum vitae for consideration by the Executive Council and subsequent recommendation to that body, the tendering of resignation by the Vice President of the LNBA, Counselllor James N. Verdier, due to appointment by the Government of Liberia to the chairmanship of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), being in harmony with the policy and By-Laws and Constitution of the LNBA, was also noted by the Bar with special recognition.

However, the President of the LNBA, Counsellor Theophilus C. Gould humbly called his colleague, Cllr. James Verdier to at least consider staying on board since indeed their tenure expires this November, subsequently leading to election of the LNBA.

Meanwhile, the Executive Council Members, including the respective Presidents of the Local Bars, have mandated to take very seriously the confidence reposed in them by their esteemed colleagues by attending and actively participating in regular meetings as well as other meetings from time to time convened to discuss matters affecting the Bar and issues of National concerns.

Hence, the Committee on the ongoing National Constitution Review Process chaired by Counsellor Cyril Jones, having submitted its report with recommendations to the plenary of the Assembly and the same having been referred to the Executive Council of the LNBA for further consideration and action, was thereby endorsed by the LNBA for its work aimed at positioning the Bar to meaningfully contribute to the ongoing Constitutional Review Process.

Also, that lawyers who, at diverse times, represented the LNBA at conferences, symposiums, and panel discussions organized by the Supreme Court of Liberia, the Law Reform and the Governance Commissions, the Central Bank of Liberiawere ably representing the LNBA through their invaluable inputs during these deliberations.

Henceforth, the LNBA has recognized and thanked the Law Day Committee for planning, organizing, and implementing the successful Law Day 2014, during which five (5) Senior Lawyers were honored.

According to the resolution endorsed at the Second Assembly, the Committee is encouraged to remain relentless in searching out ways to diversify and enrich the content of future Law Day programs.

But other issue that raised serious eye brow was the establishment of a Committee to review the Act expanding the trial jurisdiction of Magistrates, headed by Counselor A. N. Nwanbudike and was thereby confirmed and reaffirmed, encouraging the Committee to strongly submit its report to the Plenary of the Bar during its ensuing Third Quarterly Assembly scheduled in August, 2014.