Another Liberian Professional Petitioned For Senatorial Race

A Liberian professional, Mr. Nathaniel T. Blama Sr., has been petitioned to contest the Special Senatorial Election for Montserrado County.

Mr. Blama was petitioned recently to contest the election by a group known as “the Friends of Nat Blama”, a legally registered entity under the laws of the Republic of Liberia.

The group said they have seen a vision that in the history of Montserrado County and Liberia the long awaited and expected changes are now inevitable through a young man.

The group said Mr. Blama is one who seeks to restore hope to their hopeless political situation that they are confronted with and he is one who is a perfect representation of what they are as a people.

“Thousands of people are seeing visions, visions of hope for transformation and change unlike visions we saw so long ago that have turned to be nightmares for our people and country,” the petitioners said.

The petitioners said Mr. Blama is the man the people now deeply want and need and he possesses the working vision of a great man, understands the present and anticipates the future, lives with the people, has the capability to call up their best instincts not merely to comfort their expediencies, but can stand to the world in their image and as the living symbol of the country.

“Our county’s portrait is growing dim and only a visionary and the boldest decision from the boldest hand, a true patriot, experienced; transparent and motivational character will give Montserrado its strong and vivid colors. And we see these characteristics in Mr. Blama,” the petitioner said.

The petitioners further said, “It is in this convincing spirit that we “The Friends of Nat Blama”, in our sound and informed decision, called on Mr. Nathaniel T.Blama, Sr., to stand as a candidate in the up coming Montserrado County Senatorial Race.”

The group said Mr. Blama has their overwhelming support; support in every form and manner as victory is certain because he was born with an assured position.

“A great county like Montserrado cannot continue to stand still. We are tired with economic exploitation, political misrepresentation and political cacophony that continue to stall the progress of our society,” the group said.

“The former President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson states “the purpose of Liberal Education is to enable one to know a good man when he sees him.” We are calling on all Liberians to join us and give our support to this “GOOD MAN”-Mr. Nathaniel T. Blama, Sr., for the position of Senator for Montserrado County, for he is truly the ideal candidate for this seat. He is a Nationalist, an Environmentalist, a Developer, a Policymaker, a Musician, a Philanthropic, a Social Worker, and most importantly, a child of God,” he said.

The Friends of Nat Blama said, “We are caught in the tides not only of scientific revolution but of political and social revolutions which we ourselves have to support for the needed change; change in the way we conduct business, attitude, service to country and people and our neighbors among others.”

“History will not wait for us; it is rushing on and has threatened to by-pass us even now if we make the wrong decision in the pending Montserrado County Senatorial Race. The sun rises from the east and brings forth the news for the day; join us and be an easterner to share the good news of hope and victory for Nathaniel T. Blama, Sr. for the Senate,” the petition concluded.