Youths Want Special Court, Strong Anti-Corruption Laws

The Youth for Progressive Development in Liberia (YPDL) has called on the National Legislature to enact a law establishing a special court to exclusively prosecute corrupt officials.

The youths also called for the enactment of laws to prosecute and incarcerate government officials caught in corruption.

In a resolution to be presented to the National Legislature following a three-day national forum of the 23rd Session of the YPDL held at the King Gray Elementary School in Paynesville on Saturday, the youths said corruption, mainly perpetrated by government officials, is a major factor responsible for the underdevelopment of Liberia.

The resolution read by YPDL Secretary-General, Alfred Davies, said establishment of the special court would help minimize the high level of mismanagement in the public sector.

The youths said no nation can develop amid the high level of corruption that is prevalent in Liberia; noting that a special anti-graft court and strong legislation against the practice are necessary if Liberia is to move forward speedily.

Earlier in his keynote address, Cllr. James Flomo said the need for lawmakers to enact anti-corruption laws cannot be overemphasized and that the government was making successes in some areas of its development agenda, but observed that corruption was undermining the progress of the country.

The YPDL was established on May 18, 2005 as an advocacy group for youth empowerment and generational change in Liberia.

It convenes its general assembly every two years to review societal problems that have the propensity to negatively affect youth development and make recommendations for transformation.