ULFB Inducts Officials

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The University of Liberia Fraternity Bond (ULFB) over the weekend inducted its first corps of officers to assist in making the Bond a better organization.

Serving as orator at the Induction ceremony on the main UL campus in Monrovia, the Director of Civil and Voter Education at the National Elections Commission (NEC), Mr. Josiah F. Joekia, Jr, said it is a great beginning for a group of young Liberians to see the needs to identify with less fortunate people in the country.

Mr. Joekiasaidthereare complete social and economic challenges that the country is confronted with, and seeing young people from different universities in the country to come together and establish the Fraternity Bond that is committed to addressing some of the social means of the people is laudable.

He mentioned that the Fraternity Bond is a group of young people associated in commoninterest and that need to be encouraged. He said in so doing they will be able to reach out to the society in a special way and impact the recovery effort of the country.

Mr. Joekia added that it is time to give the Fraternity Bond a national character and take it from university status so that other professional Liberians, who are out there in society, can become part.

Mr. Joekiasaid the Fraternity Bond should be open in a way that other Liberians will be encouraged to join.

He said that Liberians need to rethink on how the country can become better and in so doing a Liberian must be a Liberian not half Liberian and half American.

He stressed that the only way to succeed is for every Liberian to first think that they are Liberians.

The president of ULFB, Prince K. Koinah,expressed excitement to be entrusted by his colleagues to head the ULFBthat is comprised of graduates of all universities operating in the country, and others from the diaspora.

ULFA President Koinahsaid the nation must invest in the young generation to acquire higher education.

Mr. Koinah stated further that their decision to limit the bond’s membership to a first degree entry should not be interpreted as being discriminatory.

He continued that the inauguration of the first elected leadership of the ULFB is a day of celebrationand a day of hope, saying “it is a day when they observe the past, the present and the future, and an evidence that they have conquered the spirit of disunity, weakness, the spirit of neglect and unwillingness to take on their rightful role in the healing and rebuilding process of the country.”

Mr. Koinah called on his fellow countrymen to take a retrospective look around and see what is happening to the young generation.

He said this is why they have come together to be helpful to each other, the community and the society at large.

He concluded that being a president of the organization, he and his able lieutenants will continue to work with all committees in an effort to move the organization forward.