Jesse Pulls Crowd…Petition To Contest Senatorial Race

A prominent son of Grand Cape Mount County, Mr. Jesse Zinnah Segbo, during the weekend pulled a mammoth crowd in Gola Konneh District when he was petitioned by citizens of the county to contest the upcoming Senatorial Election.

Under the banner Friends of Jesse Association (FOJA) the petition ceremony brought together teachers, doctors, farmers, and people from all walks of life in Grand Cape Mount County.

The citizens said, “In recognition of the need for a change in leadership in Grand Cape Mount County, we, the Friends of Jesse, Citizens of GolaKonneh District, have unanimously adapted this resolution, with keen observation from past and present leaders in our county, especially regarding the mismanagement of our natural resources and the poor  living conditions of  our people, gathered here today to petition, our brother,  our son, and our friend to contest for the seat in the forthcoming Mid-term 2014 Senatorial Elections”.

The citizens in the petition also noted, “This son of the soil has had a vision for several years for the people of Grand cape Mount County, especially the two sisterly districts – Porkpaand GolaKonneh.”

“As you may or may not be aware, these districts are rich in mineral deposits and other natural resources such as gold, diamond, iron ore, etc., but our people have yet to benefit from these resources in any significant way and should not continue to suffer as a direct result of poor management and governance of these resources,” the petition said.

“In recognition of the fact that our choice, Jesse Zinnah Segbo, a son of Weada, Laar Clan, is well prepared and ready for this task. He is a Candidate for his 2nd Masters in International Relations (with emphasis in Political Science),” the citizens said.

The citizens noted that “he holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration with concentration in Public Policy. “He is a wonderful Man; very charismatic; selfless, kind, prepared to help others at all time, and importantly, he has always wanted to serve his county in the area of public service.”

The citizens said Jesse is an accomplished professional with strong technical and managerial skills and professional work experience spanning more than 19 years.

“He has an impressive repertoire of accomplishments under his belt, extensive industrial experience and a successful track record to show. Jesse is a visionary, creative, problem solver with lots of depth and breadth; persuasive communicator with well-developed negotiation skills and the capacity to build productive relationships with colleagues, investors, clients, the elders, youths, women, chiefs and citizens at all level  and with good Inter-personal skills”, the citizens said.

The Grand Cape Mount citizens noted that Jesse, in his capacity as an entrepreneur, has positively impacted the lives of many who interact with the Government of Liberia (GOL) in one way or the other.

The citizens further said, “He has definitely made your life a lot easier!!! The flag receipt you get when you pay for anything at the Ministry of Finance was designed by Jesse!!!”

“He has made meaningful and significant contributions to the smooth operations of the Ministry of Finance revenue collection systems when he designed and developed an automated accounting and payroll system (CAPS) for the GOL; designed and developed tax payment processes and reporting system (TAS) at the Ministry of Finance directly linked to the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), all of which were sponsored and funded by the World Bank. USAID saves the GOL millions of US Dollars each year in operational costs,” the citizens further said.