On Health Workers Reinstatement Issue:…Senate Rejects Min. Gwenigale’s Request

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

As the rigmarole between authorities of the Ministry of health & Social Welfare and some dismissed Health Workers on their reinstatement continues, the Liberian Senate has vehemently rejected a communication from Health Minister, Walter Gwenigale asking for another time to appear before plenary of that august body.

At the 34th Sitting of the 3rd Session of the 53rd National Legislature Thursday, the lawmakers rejected in strong term a communication addressed to the Senate asking for more time because according to the letter,Health Minister Gwenigalehas traveled out of the country and will return on June 29, 2014.

The letter under the signature of Acting Health Minister, Matthew T.K. Flomostated that Min. Gwenigale id the head of the Ministry and is clothed with the authority to appear before plenary of the Senate to show cause why the Health Workers cannot be reinstated. The Acting Minister requested the Senate to grant the Minister up to July before appearing at the Senate.

Following the reading of the communication some of the Senators including Henry Yallah of Bong County, Theodore Momo of Gbapolu, Dallas Gweh of Rivercess Counties argued that the Ministry of Health is an institution and not just one man show therefore, the Acting Minister must appeared in place of the proper Minister.

The lawmakers said Acting Minister Flomo has been a chief negotiator in the saga and is aware of all the issues relating to the dismissal of the health workers.some of the Senators the Liberian people cannot wait for Minister Gwenigale to return to Liberia before responding to plenary about the health workers’ plight. The Senators said the matter is urgent and must not wait up to July.

At the same time, the Liberian Senate has mandated the Secretary of the august body to invite Acting Minister Flomo before Plenary on Tuesday June 3, 2014 to show cause why the dismissed health workers cannot be reinstated.