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UL Expels 3 Students, Suspends 2 Others

In its continual efforts to reinstitute discipline at the University of Liberia and curb student violence, the University administration has expelled three students and suspended two for acts incompatible with the rules and regulations of the University.

The three students are: Joyee O.T. Wilson, ID#34949, James E. Julo, ID#49264 and Moivee Dennis, ID#51225. The three students were expelled for receiving money from candidates, forging Ecobank Deposit Slips and issuing of fake UL receipts, respectively.

The two suspended students are: Abraham B. Sarwah with lD# 66102, and Moses Kollie of the William R. Tolbert, Jr. College of Agriculture and Forestry. They were suspended for staging riot and holding several professors hostage, including the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Roland Massaquoi for more than five hours.

Following the April 2013 riot on Fendall Campus by students of the William R. Tolbert Jr. College of Agriculture and Forestry, the President of the University of Liberia, Prof. Emmet A. Dennis appointed an Investigative Committee headed by Prof. Dr. Jonathan Taylor, to investigate the root causes of the riot and the roles played by students.

According to the findings from the Taylor Committee, student Moses Kollie assaulted Assistant Professor E. Nimley of the College of Agriculture and Forestry during the 2013 April riot on Fendall Campus, in contravention of the student handbook. He was therefore suspended for three academic years (six semesters), beginning first semester of academic 2013/2014. He is also required to undergo six months of counseling before returning to the University of Liberia.

As for Abraham B. Sarwah, he was found liable of theft of property during the same 2013 April riot on Fendall Campus. Hence, he has been suspended for four years (eight semesters) and has to undergo six months of counseling before returning to the institution following the completion of his suspension.

In separate communications to the suspended students, the Administration of the University has strongly warned them not only to repeat the acts that led to their suspension, but any other act that contravenes the Student Handbook of the University, will result to their expulsion from the University The students were further warned to keep away from the premises of the University (Fendall, Capitol Hill, Straz-Sinje, and the A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine Campuses) until their suspensions are lifted.

In a related development, the UL President has frowned on disruption of any kind at the University. He said, “We have had enough of disruptions, any faculty and student that engages in act of disrupting normal activities at the University of Liberia must consider seeing himself /herself out, “ Dr. Dennis sounded the caveat recently when he met with some members of the UL Faculty Association (ULFA).

A UL release issued and signed by Dr. S. Momolu Getaweh, Sr., Vice President For UL Relations recalled that the UL Administration in 2013, issued stern warning letters to 13 students for violating various rules of the UL Student Handbook. The students are: Samuel Bohyah Karloh, Georgina Mann Manneh,Archie Derrick Moses, Lansana Wiles, Michael L. Holder, Rufus B. Johnson, Abraham K. Kollie, Judue Amah Scott, Loviet S. Kiadii, Augustine 0. Sayee, Peter J. Sackie, Mark Cooper K. Wahn, Morris Pelia Menyoun, Philip B. Massaquoi, Petre S. Mulbah, Jusu Jaimal Freemah.



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