I Refused Huge Bribes…Chris Neyor

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

The former President of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), Mr. Christopher Neyor, has disclosed that huge amount of bribery came his way at NOCAL when he was serving as President of that entity.

Mr. Neyor, an aspirant  for the Montserrado County Senatorial seat could not say exactly who attempted bribing him but indicated that such act came from overseas with foreign oil companies.

Speaking yesterday on the Truth FM breakfast show, Mr.Neyor said he embarked on the oil reform process of Liberia by ensuring that every Liberian benefit from the resources.

When asked by the talk show host to reveal some of those names that attempted bribing him, Mr. Neyor said the time has not reached for him to do so but he has evidence to prove what he is saying.

“I am not ready to do so because I do not speak falsehood. I have evidence to all that I am saying and at the appropriate time, I will call those overseas names. This is why I did not sign any oil block during my administration,” Neyor asserted.

This is the second time for a former executive of NOCAL to make such revelation. The first was Clemenceu Urey who told the lawmakers at the public account hearing few months ago that NOCAL gave thousands of dollars to lawmakers to speedily pass oil contracts.

Since his departure as administrator from NOCAL, Neyor told radio audience that the reform process initiated by his administration at the company has been manipulated. He indicated that the reform process was intended to discourage one county or one family from managing the oil sector.

For example, Neyor named Equatorial Guinea as one of the countries in Africa where one family has monopoly over the oil sector and if the proper reform is not put in place, similar situation would occur here.

According to him, his reform process included the provision of 12 scholarships to students from each of the 15 political sub-division of the country so that when the oil industry is booming, each Liberian will be reflected in the management process but the  information he has gathered proves that such system has come to a standstill.

Neyor, who also served as Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) during the remaining few months of slain Liberian President Samuel K. Doe mentioned that the annual scholarships code name ‘15-12 scholarship’ were also meant to prepare 12  young Liberian students from each county.

I Refused Huge Bribes…Chris Neyor