Gender Denounces AFL Widows’ Nudeness

Minister Julia Duncan-Cassell has warned against the improper manner in which some women have chosen to channel their grievances on issues that affect them.

The Liberian Gender Minister indicated that while it is true that women have the right to public protest, their preferred approach and style was totally unacceptable and demonstrates lack of respect for motherhood.

Minister Duncan-Cassell at the same time encouraged women under the banner ‘Widows of Former AFL Soldiers’ to seek the process of dialoguing and avoid staging any attempted nude protest that has the propensity of portraying bad image for the women of Liberia.

The Gender Boss insisted that such naked approach does not augur well for the reputation of Liberian women and could leave a harmful legacy for the younger generation and the children of Liberia respectively.

Minister Duncan-Cassell has also warned against the use of Liberian women by some unscrupulous individuals, to accomplish their selfish desire. She urged the widows of former AFL soldiers who vowed to continue their butt-naked action for one-week to cancel such naked approach in the interest of womanhood and seek proper redress.