Sen. Johnson Blasts Gossipers …Says Nothing Will Stop Ellen From Ending 2nd Term

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

The former rebel leader of the defunct Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), Prince Y. Johnson, now a Senator of Nimba County has blasted critics of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf describing them as “gossipers”.

PJY, as he is affectionately called by many Liberians said that there are individuals who consider either money, weapon or big names to be their contacts but that President Sirleaf’s contact has been God.

But ironically, PYJ has been one of those senior government officials commending this government of not doing much to lift the ordinary people from poverty, adding that President Sirleaf regime is corrupt.

As a candidate in the 2011 elections representing the National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP), PJY complained to the National Elections Commission (NEC) that President Sirleaf’s name should be changed from “Johnson” on the ballot paper to “Sirleaf” because two candidates bearing the same name “Johnson and Johnson”, his votes would be stolen and given to President Sirleaf.

NEC responded to him that there was no need to panic because the President was a female in the race while he (PYJ) was a male, meaning the electorates would identify a male person from a female.

Delivering his homily at his church on Sunday, May 25, 2014 via radio, Senator Johnson, also an evangelist reminded critics of President Sirleaf that Liberians are tired of war and God will not allow any weapon to prosper against this country and its people.

For those who think President Sirleaf will not complete her term, PJY told his congregation that God being the Protector of Madam Sirleaf, she will surly complete the task given her by the Liberian people and after that she will live here happily with everyone.

“We fought the war for a reason and that has passed. Liberians are trying to put their lives together once more, so nobody will disrupt the peace we are enjoying now. If you are sitting somewhere and think you can plan anything to carry this country backward, God will arrest you,” PYJ said.

Considering the current economic situation in the country, PYJ said Ellen’s administration has done well to improve the lives of the people since 2005 and it is expected that the next person who will be democratically elected to begin from where she will stop.

He however rubbished some critics who think this government has not done anything because most of them are nothing but gossipers and individuals who do not mean well for this country.