Acarous Gray Rebukes CDC Ex-Chair

By Antoinette Sendolo

The former Secretary General of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) now Representative of District #8, Montserrado County, Acarous Moses Gray, has refuted claims by the party’s former Chairman Geraldine Doe-Sheriff that she resigned due to policy difference.

‘’You will agree with me; no doubt, that the purpose for which we founded this once noble party has lost. Our goal was to form an institution with the sole purpose to emancipate our people, the downtrodden including those from the dungeon of poverty to the celestial heights of a decent life through participatory democracy,’’ the former CDC ‘Iron lady’ said in her resignation to the Secretary General of the party, Mr. Nathaniel McGill.

‘’We have made several attempts to change this course internally but all efforts proved futile as I even suffered physical harm as a result of my stance in reconciling the country while serving as chairman of the party,” she said.

But when Rep. Gray appeared on Sky FM 50-50 Talk Show yesterday, he said Sen. Doe-Sheriff’s decision to leave the party is not due to conditions laid out in her resignation letter but rather her ambition of becoming a campaign manager for the President’s son, Robert Sirleaf, and as such, her resignation meant nothing to the party.

Rep. Gray strongly condemned the resignation of Sen. Doe-Sheriff saying that she has never been recognized as chairman of the party since her expulsion over two years and that her resignation is belated describing her as a betrayer to the Party.

He said the party is still determined to meet its sole purpose of operation and that nothing can stop its success adding that the party will win the senatorial seat in Montserrado no matter what happens.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the party, George Solo said all Liberians have history with each other and described Sen. Doe’s resignation as being politically irrelevant at this time.

Speaking as guest on the Super Bumper Show on ELBC yesterday, Chairman Solo said Sen. Doe was expelled since 2011 and that the CDC has lost nothing by her resignation.

“I wish her well. It is about time that we graduate from judging people and all we can say is that we wish Sen. Doe well,” Chairman Solo maintained.