LWSC Breaks Ground For Pipe-borne Water In G. Bassa

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Liberia Water & Sewer Cooperation (LWSC) over the weekend broke ground in the city of Buchanan for the restoration of water supply system to assist in giving parboiled water to every household of the county.

Speaking at the program marking the site turning over and ground breaking ceremony for the Rehabilitation of the Water Supply System in Buchanan, LWSC Managing Director, Charles Allen, said LWSC is a public cooperation that is responsible to serve parboiled water to every part of the country.

Allen stated that LWSC has been faced with lots of challenges due to the civil crisis the country has been through and that it is time for Liberians to take the initiative by exposing any one that will be caught in illegal acts and that the African Development Bank (ADB) has given US$ 40,000,000 million to assist in making pipe borne water available in the country.

He mentioned that Liberians have to realize that they are in various communities and also part of the government and not only those in high positions. “The total amount of water that will be sent out will be announced to have the public informed,” he said.

He concluded that he hopes that nothing like what had happened in the past would reoccur and that only qualified men and women of Grand Bassa will be part of the working team; and appreciated the USASID, ADB, and other international partners, the people of Grand Bassa, and all Liberians.

Also making remark at the program, the ADB Country Representative, Dr. Margaret Kilo, urged Liberians that the war and minds that had destroyed everything should not occur again.

Madam Kilo stated further that the people of Grand Bassa should be patient to see their projects and they should be loyal by paying their bills and report anyone who wants to create problem for the water line.

Madam Kilo told citizens of Grand Bassa that they have paved roads now and that it is water that they are about to have with imminent electricity and when all these come, it will help empower both men and women of the county.

For his part, the Assistant Development Superintendent, Adonie Z. Greaves said, “We in Grand Bassa are so grateful for the ADB, and the project is now for you (citizens) of the county, and you will do everything possible to protect the project.”

Supt Greaves concluded by warning those who have built on the water way to be prepared because when development comes they (authority) will have to demolish to give chance for development.