Man Commits Suicide After Having Sex

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

A man believed to be a teenager was found hanging to a tree during the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 21 in the Township of Arthington in Montserrado County.

According to a neighbor, Amos Cooper, the deceased, Musa Doe, allegedly hanged himself for fear of killing his two-week old infant because he had sex with his fiancée on that fatal night when she had refused on grounds that her baby was still small.

Cooper who walked into the offices of this paper yesterday about noon explained how the late Musa’s fiancée, Musu Zubah had refused to have an affair but he insisted and after failing to have her to agree, he clandestinely perpetrated the act at the early morning of Wednesday while she was asleep.

Our informant said when Musu realized that Musa’s aim had been accomplished, she cried all night complaining about feeling pains and how it would affect her baby. “Musa apparently was confused and regretted the incident therefore he left the room and went out at about 3:00 a.m.,” Cooper told this paper.

Cooper who claimed to be working along with the clan chief of that township further said later that it was told that the late Musa walked to his mother’s house and climbed a tree on which he tied a rope and placed sticks made as clothes lined in the yard under his feet as he allegedly carried out his act of hanging himself.

He said at about 4:30 a.m., Musa’s mother got outside only to find her son hanged to a tree with his neck broken.  At dawn, police who went to the scene took down the body and following homicide inspection, informed the family that there was no foul play.

Meanwhile, Cooper informed this paper that due to the religious background of the deceased, he has already been buried; however, our reporter has been dispatched in that township to ascertain more information surrounding the death of Musa and the status of the mother and baby.