Deline Family Clarifies Report

The Deline family of Caldwell New Georgia has clarified report relative to the recent death of their son, 27 year-old Joseph Deline.

Yesterday the INQUIRER reported that residents in the area said the mysterious death of Mr. Deline has not been heard from the family members or the police about how he got drowned in a well that is about three feet.

The residents said, “Our concern is based on several facts including how Joseph Deline would have killed himself when in fact he is a graduate of the United Methodist University (UMU) who was struggling to make life.”

However, the family speaking through Mr. Alexander Deline said they are seriously concerned about the death of their son who was found dead in a well closed to his residence.

Mr. Deline said following the incident, officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) from the Zone Seven Depot were called in and the body was removed from the well.

Mr. Deline said the Police Homicide Divison was also called in and after their thorough examination which included taking off the clothes of the late Deline to see if there were any bruises, the body was turned over to the family.

Mr. Alexander Deline noted that the family is seriously concerned about the demise of their brother, stressing, “ After the body was turned over to us we then took same to the funeral home.”

He expressed regret that the INQUIRER did not contact the family following the accusation by the neighbors and residents in the area, saying, “We all live in the same area and you could have come back to ask us before going to the press,” Mr.Deline stated.

Meanwhile, the Deline family has disclosed that the funeral rites over the remains of the late Joseph Deline will be held on the 7th of June 2014.