Two Police Officers Dismissed For Bribery

Police Director, Col. Chris Massaquoi, has announced the arrest and dismissal of police officers and a civilian who were caught soliciting and taking bribe.

Director Massaquoi said “We would like to bring to the attention of and remind the public of our statement made on Saturday, May 17, 2014, at the 42ndgraduation ceremony of the Liberia National Police Training Academy in which among other things, we warned officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP), as well as, the driving public against engaging in corrupt practices, especially bribery.”

The Police Chief said, “Regrettably, and as if to test our resolve, two (2) members of the very Class-42 were on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, just three days after sounding this warning at about’ 11:30p.m. and11:45p.m. together with a civilian driver named Morris Haba, operator of Toyota Corolla Taxi with license plate TX-9743, caught in the act of soliciting and receiving bribe which incident took place at ELWA Junction involving Officer Hundfrey Kahn who received L$30.00 from the operator of TX-9743.

He noted that Mr. Morris Haba, and Officer Varney Massally were caught soliciting bribe on the Capitol Bye-Pass.

Director Massaquoi said these officers together with the operator of TX-9743, Mr. Morris Haba were arrested by a member of the LNP Vice Squad and the Senior Inspector of Police, respectively, and sent to the Police Headquarters for investigation.

He further said, “Since “these officers chose to test our resolve and mistook our warning as a bluff, they have been summarily dismissed and will be forwarded to court along with Operator Morris Haba for prosecution.”

He said the vehicle, TX-9743 has been impounded and will only be released upon payment of an impoundment fee in keeping with law.

Director Massaquoi said the LNP under his watch is determined and will not relent in identifying and weeding out from its midst any and all undesirable elements within the Liberia National Police when identified with the aim of drastically dealing with unethical behaviors or practices of officers.

“The same goes for any member of the driving public who, along with Police officers, attempt to tarnish the image and integrity of the LNP by engaging in and soliciting bribe,” Director Massaquoi said.

He re-emphasized that the LNP will remain uncompromising in this endeavor, no matter who is involved and no matter his or her status.

He sounded a caveat again saying, “Gone are the days when the image and integrity of the LNP were trampled upon by elements of the public, as well as, those within the Police”.

“Today therefore, begins a declaration of a full-scale war, as well as a reaffirmation by this Administration in the fight against the practice of corruption by some elements within the Police organization and those of the public that support it,” Director Massaquoi concluded.