Residents Detect Foul Play In 27 Year-Old Man’s Death

Residents of Caldwell have complained that they are not satisfied over the recent death of a 27- year old man, Joseph Deline who was discovered dead in a well close to his residence in Caldwell, New Georgia.

Some residents who spoke to this paper on condition of anonymity said since the mysterious death of Mr. Deline nothing has been heard from family members or the police about how he got drowned in a well that is about three feet deep.

“Our concern is based on several facts including how Deline would have killed himself when in fact he is a graduate of the United Methodist University who was also struggling to make life. And strangely, his family is not saying anything about his death; whether police has launched an investigation into the incident they are not concerned,” one of the late Deline’s neighbors said.“Another thing is that who did Deline send the message to that his remains would have been found in the well? Who received the message and who reported it? We are also concerned about how the body was taken from the well and was the body removed from the well upon the authorization of the Homicide Division of the Liberia National Police or who passed the order to take it from the well?” some neighbors who were present when the late Deline was taken from the well wondered.

Some of the neighbors said the family has not shown any interest over the death of Deline something that is creating suspicion and blaming the family for his death. “Let them come out and give clear explanation about what really happened to Deline,” another neighbor of the family demanded.

Recently, 27 year-old Joseph Deline, a student of the United Methodist University (UMU) was discovered dead in a well during the early morning hours after a dog was observed circling the well.   Earlier, it was rumored that the late Deline committed suicide after leaving a text message saying that if he is not seen in the morning, he should be located inside the well which is used by the community dwellers.

Following the incident, an INQUIRER’s investigation revealed that family members were unable to say how, when he jumped into the well and to whom the late Deline sent the text message.