Mont. County District 11 Demands Financial Report

Some residents of District number 11 under the banner Concerned Citizens Movement of Liberia are calling on the District Development Council (DDC) to make available all financial transactions within the district during the fiscal year under review.

The citizens in a release issued said it has come to their attention that US$56,000 was spent on a construction of a bridge that did not worth such said amount.

The citizens said their call is for the duration of 72 hours and anything contrary to the time-table they will invoke the freedom of information act.

The citizens also noted that they have information that the district’s Representative, Gabriel Nyenkan, has been “banned” from appearing on public media outlets; both print and electronic media for one year and was also fined US$5000.00 for legislative malpractice and disorderly conduct.

The citizens said, “We have come to strongly realize that this is impeding the growth and development of their district, evidence being that since this information, Representative Gabriel Nyenkan has neither been seen nor heard on national radio stations, so to advocate for development within the district is something which is quite unfortunate.”

The citizens then appealed to the 53rd National Legislature that if this information is true, they should please reduce the media appearance banned from one year to at-least six months for the sake of the people of District# 11, because they themselves are disappointed in their lawmaker and just patiently awaiting 2017 to vote him out.