Efficient Logistic Services Clarifies Tax Evasion Accreditation

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The Efficient Logistic Services has denied claims by lawmakers that it is involved in tax evasion. In a press release issued yesterday, the company clarified that it is up to date on its taxes and financial obligations to the government.

The company said at no time had it attempted to evade or avoid taxes and announced that the process of updating the registration of all the vehicles used in the process has already commenced and it is to be completed shortly.

The release explained how the vehicles requiring registration do not belong to the company instead they are privately owned by citizens from all parts of the country including remote locales clarifying that the intention of the company in hiring locally based vehicles was to help stimulate the local economies.

The company said they have records to prove that 147 rural family heads inclusive of diverse groups were direct beneficiaries because they sub-leased the contract for the 200 vehicles in question but unfortunately some of these vehicles did not have updated registration due to distance from Monrovia and other factors.

The company stated that a legislative committee set up to investigate its contract with the National Election Commission for the Voters Roll Update had already recommended to plenary that vehicles that were used in process and did not have proper registration be made to register and pay fines as well as other fees necessary.

It further stated that it continues to uphold the rule of law and welcomes the decision of the legislative committee and urged the private owners to be fully compliant with government prior to receiving full payment under their agreements with the company.

The Efficient Logistic Services certificate of business registration issued January 28, 2014 had February 21, 2005 as the initial date of registration and February 2, 2012 as registration date while the tax clearance certificate, copies in possession of this paper states that the company has been certified and is in compliance with the required tax obligation for the period of 360 days.