Planning Ministry Holds Capacity Dev. Forum Today

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The government of Liberia through the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs will today host a one day national capacity development stakeholders’ forum in collaboration with the United Nations Development Fund and Platinum Consultancy.

Accordingly, the objective of the forum to be held in Monrovia is to produce a national action plan and a consensus document for driving the human capacity needs of the nation in science and technology with particular emphasis in natural and basic science.

The forum which is also intended to seek support for hosting a roundtable meeting of stakeholders to evolve consensus on the roadmap and trajectory also focuses on a sustainable management of Liberia’s natural renewable and non renewable resources.

Meanwhile, the framers of the forum have captured the meeting’s outcome into four focal points to mean that all stakeholders understand the relevance of the project, that urgency be attached as the nation is far behind and that a strategy for moving forward is developed.

The Platinum Consultancy Inc., is a Liberian based firm, an affiliate of White Rose Consultancy in Ogun State, Nigeria which is made up of consortium of referenced professionals who have developed some intervening concepts for institutional assessment, program integration and enunciation consistent with minimum international program standards, curricula harmonization and teaching.

Presentations will be made on the overview of Liberia’s capacity development strategy, the role of tertiary education in bridging capacity gaps in post war Liberia; the role of TVET in addressing capacity challenges, A national imperative; capacity gaps in the emerging petroleum industry, The case of NOCAL and engineering capacity building in Liberia, cost versus benefit analysis.