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“Invisible Hands Behind US$73M Rejection”…Speaker Tyler

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

Barley five days after the Liberian Senate rejected the US$73m proposed by the House of Representatives, House Speaker Alex J. Tyler has furiously replied to the Senate’s action saying “invisible hands are behind the rejection”.

It may be recalled that during the official opening of the 3rd session of the 53rd Legislature, on Monday, January 13, 2014,Speaker Tyler proposed to his colleagues  for Plenary’s approval and the Liberian Senate’s concurrence an amount of US$73,000,000.00 million to be placed in the 2014/2015 National Budget for direct district impact projects.

The House Plenary endorsed Speaker Tyler’s proposal as a result of their nationwide tour discussing the new oil law of Liberia where they observed that people in the rural areas are living in an appalling condition which had drawn their attention. The document was then taken to the Senate for concurrence.

Unfortunately last week, the Liberian Senate vehemently rejected the House’s proposal on grounds that it violates provision of the country’s constitution which talks about administrative districts and not electoral districts as it is mentioned in the US$73m proposal by the House.

Making the motion for the rejection of the bill, Grand Gedeh County Senior Senator, Isaac Nyenabo, described the bill as a gross violation of the Public Financial Management Law of 2009, further noting that the bill also contravenes the Liberian Constitution, which organized only administrative districts and not electoral districts.

But in reaction to what the Senate has done, Speaker Tyler  told legislative reporters yesterday that the House still stands by what it earlier proposed and it is committed to do what it has planned to do.

Responding to members of the National Governors Council of Liberia who had gone to bestow honor upon him for his performance in government,  Speaker Tyler warned that no amount of public maneuvering or criticisms will prevent the House from doing what it has already agreed to do, and would ensure that the US$73m will be placed in the budget.

He however lauded the National Governors Council headed by Madam Musu K. Thompson as its President for certificating him after they realized that he has performed significantly to the growth and development of the country.

“Let me make it clear here that we still stand by what we said. No amount of public maneuvering or invisible hands will stop us. We believe in what we are doing and we will do it because all parts of this country need development. This country is for all of us whether you are educated or not. Also, let me inform you that the budget is a national budget and not few group of people,” Speaker Tyler asserted.

The Bomi County lawmaker blasted that the House will not sit and allow anyone to mix politics with development because the Liberian people deserve more than what they have.



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