Women Still Press For Schoolgirls Release…Want Gov’t Condemn Kidnap

By Janjay F. Campbell

Liberia Women are calling on the Government of Liberia to condemn the kidnapping of two hundred girls in Nigeria by the militants of Boko Haram.

Reading the statement over the weekend at the Nigeria Embassy in Congo Town, Patience Paygar who is a student of the Assembly of God High School in Paynesville stated that women and mothers see this as a complete violation of those girls and their families rights.

She noted that as Liberian women stand in solidarity with the families of the abducted girls, they are also calling on the Government of Nigeria to respect freedom of expression in this matter as women in Nigeria, Africa and Globally organize to bring prominence to this critical human rights violation.

In the statement, the women stressed that the Government of Nigeria should take responsibility of the missing girls and institute immediate actions for their release and overall safety.

Student Patience Paygar noted that kidnapping is a crime against humanity and that this act is very barbaric and unacceptable. Liberian Women are calling on militants of Boko Haram to return the girls to their families unharm.

According to the statement, the act of kidnapping threatens the safety of women in the sub region and that regional leaders should put pressure on the Government of Nigeria to act strongly in this situation.

A month ago, two hundred girls were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria. The Government of Nigeria is doing everything possible to get the girls back to their families. At the same time women in Africa are offering prayers for their safe return.