Pastor, Members Brutalize Neighbors

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The head Pastor of the Christ the King Church of Christ in the VOA community has been accused of brutalizing a lady and another person in the community.

According to information received by this paper, Edward K. Weah and some members of the Church allegedly brutalized some community dwellers and they are said to be in police custody.

In an exclusive interview with one of the victims, Lucia Oberly, the situation occurred on Friday at 7:00 A.M. when some students were said to be late for school. The information disclosed that during the process, Mrs. Weah pushed one of the students who fell on another student.

Madam Oberly alleged that Pastor Weah who is in control of the Church remarked to his wife, “Leave that old rebel; that’s how they go around burning schools; I will cut everything that this student is depending on.”

She said during the commotion, the pastor’s wife and some members of the church including the Night Section of the school began to assault her with some deadly weapons including sticks.

Victim Oberly mentioned that she believed the Pastor and his members’ actions were premeditated. She also said that the Pastor boasted that his ministry is being supported by Christian Aid, so he has nothing to fear as he can do anything and nothing would come out of it.