“I’ M Frustrated”…Activist Decries Unemployment and Other Issues

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The Executive Director of the Campaigner for Change in Liberia, Mr. Vandalark Patrick, says he is highly frustrated and disappointed about the unemployment rate and rampant corruption taking place in the country.

Mr. Patrick disclosed that some women and men have been subjected to poverty due to unemployment rate and that the masses are actually suffering because of lack of economic empowerment, job opportunities and capacity trainings for them.

Speaking to thousands of Liberians at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) on Carey Street over the weekend, Mr. Patrick added that Liberia has many resources that the country can boast of but only few people are enjoying state resources while thousands of inhabitants are living in poverty but that is unfair and very ridiculous because the resources should be benefitting all citizens in the country.

He said it is regrettable to see that  some women and men who have great potential, had been denied of opportunities in the country without any cogent reason(s) and that that is a bad thing that people should stop because discrimination will not build Liberia; rather it will only destroy the image of the country.

The Executive Director of Campaigner for Change said there is no economic empowerment, job opportunities, capacity trainings and other programs which will help reduce poverty but when election approaches, young people are described as important people in the country.”

He explained that unemployment is on the increase and people are begging in the streets of Monrovia on a daily basis but because nobody cares about their wellbeing, this undoubtedly brings great shame and embarrassment to the country.

“Let me tell you people that corruption is very rampant in our country and it is the order of the day,” Mr. Patrick said.

According to Mr. Patrick, the educational system in Liberia is indeed a mess and public school students find it difficult to achieve better education because of the poor and ugly system put in place by the Ministry of Education.

Mr. Patrick alleged that the Ministry of Education always neglect its responsibility without putting in place proper mechanisms that would help improve the learning process in the country.

However, he disclosed that the economy has disintegrated and that officials of government are always arguing among themselves without giving any information to the Liberian people as to whether what causes the disintegration of the economy in the country because some citizens are in doubt of the issue.

Mr. Patrick said opportunities should be given to young people to enable them go to school and contribute immensely to national development and growth and become useful in the society.

“Let me say that discrimination, nepotism, tribalism and sectionalism will not build our country; it will only carry it backward, therefore people should actually stop those things because we all are Liberians,”       Mr. Patrick disclosed.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Campaigner for Change in Liberia, Mr. Vandalark Patrick, recently received an award in Kamapala, Uganda from Makerere University Business School.

While in Uganda, Mr. Patrick addressed Social Entrepreneur Transforming Africa, University students, Business people and some officials of Uganda Government in Kampala.