Group Decries Acts Against Women

The Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET), has commented on the wave of wanton and malicious behavior by some brutal and heartless men against women and young girls in Africa especially at regional and nation levels.

The group addressed the recent attack on over two hundred school- going children by the Boko Haram military group in Nigeria and the brutal murder of Ms. Decontee Farley allegedly by her fiancé.

Reading the press Statement yesterday at Fish Market, the Program Coordinator, Delphine M. Jackson noted that amidst the numerous challenges women and young girls are faced with in Africa, their rights to life and freedom of association must not be restrained by any force of injustice and harassment.

She said, “The continuous maltreatment and murder of young girls and women in Liberia by men have seriously raised the attentions of WANEP-Liberia and its partners established in 15 ECOWAS countries including other International Human Rights’ and Sustainable Peacebuilding Organizations worldwide”.

Ms. Jackson stressed that WANEP-Liberia condemns in the strongest term the forceful adoption of some young school-going African girls that were covertly kidnapped by the Boko Haram military group of Nigeria and as such, we are therefore calling on the Nigerian Government and the United Nations (UN) to exert every effort in their reach to rescue our girls.

“We believe the forceful adoption and abuse of human rights by the Boko-Haram against the 200 plus girls has set the stage for all mothers in Africa to stand up in their mass number in demanding the immediate release of our girls. Let it be made known that the absurd kidnap of those girls has sharply undermined their rights to religious association, rights to liberty, freedom of movement and rights to quality education,” she noted.

In addition, the group termed the recent murder of Ms. Farley by her boyfriend in the Lakpazee Vai Town Community, as another alarming domestic violence against women and children both at the national and sub-national levels of Liberia which has seriously raised the attention of WANEP-Liberia.

“We sharply condemn the killing of Fairley and pray that the perpetrator of the act to be brought to justice. We are therefore calling on the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and all security apparatus including law enforcers in the country to explore every means and ways possible in bringing the perpetrator to book,” she stated.