Students Set School Ablaze…One Arrested

Students Set School Ablaze...One Arrested

The building hosting the campus Apostolic Foundation High School in Sinkor was burnt down last Monday night in what appeared to be an arson attack.

Accordingly, one eleventh grade student of the school identified as Lemuel Elijah Reeves has been arrested and is undergoing investigation at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

The principal of the institution, Mr. A. Darkpay Johnson told the INQUIRER that student Reeves who is noted for irregularity in school was seen on the school’s campus on Monday.

A resident of the area closed to the school said student Reeves was arrested by residents, on Monday night while the school building was at blaze. “We took him for a rogue who was escaping from the area but when he was arrested and brought in the light he was identified as a student of the school,” he said.

The school principal said student Reeves has been absent from school for the past two months and he returned recently while the school was preparing for the 5th period test. He denied reports from some quarters that a teacher might have threatened student Reeves not to take the period test.

As a result of the fire incident, the school lost several classroom documents belonging to thousands of students, the modern science laboratory, the principal’s office and other administrative offices.

Mr. Darkpay also denied report that the fire incident was related to some students exempted from taking the WAEC Examination, saying, “All those in the requisite classes to take the exams would take same but student Reeves was not eligible for the exam because he was an eleventh grader. He was never suspended and neither is there report that students have been suspended”.