Turkish School Students Get Science Lab Experience

As the world advances in technology, Liberian students, along with other nationals were over the weekend seen and exploring their practical knowledge on different types of experiments on different types of experiences at the the science laboratory in Sinkor.

Speaking to students during a demonstration, Whıtney Okujagu, a twelfth grade student said it was an annual event hosted every year; an exhibition of different experiments but some are only explaining dıfferent phenomena, as in the example of the periodic table.

Speaking to students during the demonstration, a twelve grade student Whitney Okejagu said it is a annual event been hosted every year, an exhibition of different experiment but some are only explaining different phenomena; for example the periodic table.

Some of the experiments included: Testing for Acids and bases (Using indicators), Vivid Description of the periodic table, to testing for glucose reducing sugar and others were, to show the release of stored energy from food, how to make yogurt (6A XB), among others.

Giving vivid description of the periodic table, Whitney Okejagu said the periodic table is an important discovery in chemistry and is a tabular arrangement of elements in the increasing atomic numbers.

She expressed happiness in being a part of the program, because according to her, “These experiments help them to know more about science, and other interesting things you can do to help in everyday life”.

For example, “If a student learned this, it will help in chemistry classes to appreciate what elements can do and what properties each of them have,” she said.

She believes that most schools in Liberia don’t have a lab for students to learn about science; therefore, she recommended that the government of Liberia should help increase the science laboratory in schools to increase student’s knowledge on how to use chemicals.

In conclusion, Whitney said doing so will help the government and society adding that it will bring up new technology that will help the Liberian people.

At the program, students made a symbolic presentation of mixed chemicals that were taught in the lab.

For his part, the Principal of the Liberian- Turkish Light International School Huseyin Fatihh Baba said the project is part of the school’s annual yearly festival, and is the fourth time since the existence of the school in Liberia.

According to Mr. Baba, the project is a simple message of bringing value to the science environment with a quality frame work.

He believes that science is not just reading and writing, but that it also needs a time to demonstrate it practically.

‘’Sixth and ninth graders of other learning institutions were invited to see our students demonstrating scientific experiments of what they have learned,’’ he said.

Speaking further, he noted that parents were very happy to see their children doing science experiment, and also encouraged them to allow their children to always participate in the project.

Mr. Baba said allowing students to visit the lab will contribute generously to the development of the science environment and Liberia as a whole.

He said the school administration will continue the program, and hopes to extend it to other schools in the country, as compared to other learning institutions.

He then underscored the need for the collaboration of government to build the capacity of science laboratories in schools and institutions in the country.