Man Found Dead In Well

A 27- year old man, Joseph Deline was discovered dead early yesterday morning in a well close to his residence in Caldwell, New Georgia.

According to an eyewitness, Mr. Deline, a student of the United Methodist University (UMU) was discovered dead in the well during the early morning hours after a dog was observed circling the well.

Earlier, it was rumored that the late Deline committed suicide after leaving a text message saying that if he is not seen in the morning, he should be located inside the well which is used by the community dwellers.

However, during an INQUIRER’s investigation launched yesterday in the area, family members could not say when and to whom the late Deline sent the text message. Family members who were available at the residence yesterday declined to comment on the issue on grounds that those responsible to speak on behalf of the family had already taken the body to the St. Moses Funeral Home.

The eyewitness told the INQUIRER further that the late Deline always woke up early to light fire for water but it was surprising that he was found in the well that is not deep enough to drown in.

When the site of the well was visited, it was discovered that that the well was not even three feet deep that someone who was about five feet four inches tall as the late Deline could have drowned in.

Many of by-standers and community dwellers who spoke to the INUIRER expressed surprise at the death of the late Deline who most considered astute.

Meanwhile, the remains of the late Joseph Deline who is survived by a son was immediately taken to the St. Moses Funeral Home awaiting funeral service.