District # 13 Residents Protest Over Garbage

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

Several concerned citizens of the Stockton Creek Community within the Somalia Drive vicinity over the weekend staged a peaceful warning protest in support of the removal of the Solid Waste Transfer Station to draw the attention of the Government of Liberia (GOL) to what is seriously hampering them.

In an interview with the team’s spokesperson and the president of the Federation of District #13 Students Association (FODTSA), James M. Gaye, the residents of the Stockton Creek community want GOL to quickly intervene before things get out of hands.

FODTSA’s spokesman, Gaye, stated that it is a warning protest, and if GOL does not respond to their request they will react beyond their imagination.

Mr. Gaye pointed out that they are not stopping government from using the land but it should be used in a sense that the community and its dwellers would not be destroyed but to rather benefit.

Mr. Gaye stated further that they did not expect the spot to be used for factory because that was what they were told but to their utmost surprise it has become a waste disposal site, and if it is GOL’s intention of destroying them, they will not sit a allow it work.

He added, “It is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA’s) responsibility to protect and monitor communities within the country, and the EPA should know what it stands for and do it well, and it is just a warning that while the 3000 men are not in number but in the next time when they appear there will be no work and no movement of cars, because they will take action to the letter”.

Mr. Gaye concluded that their district is not a dump site, and if their letter has been a trash, their action will not be a trash, and after the Solid Waste Transfer Station, they would make sure the Cow Factory is removed so that they can live in peace.

With placards, “Hear us now! Or feel us later” with another that said “If you can’t help us according to Article 13-A of the Liberian Constitution; don’t harm us”.