EU Pledges More Support To Liberia

The head of the European Union Delegation to Liberia has pledged more supports to the Liberian Government.

Speaking on EU relation to Liberia, Mr. Attilio Pacifici said since EU and the Liberian Government met this year, there has been massive developments implemented by the European Union.

He named Political Dialogue, EU-Liberia development cooperation, energy, agriculture, education, security and the justice system as parts of those developments being targeted by the European Union.

A first dialogue took place in February with the next due at the end of May, to address key meetings agreed in advance of the challenges due to the relations which steadily evolved from the provision of humanitarian aid during the dark years of Liberia’s civil war.

He said the EU is now moving to more matured relations involving regular political dialogues which are covering topics of mutual interest.

Meanwhile, the EU delegation Boss said, his mission met with Liberia’s Finance Minister Amara Konneh this year and planned the EU-Liberia development cooperation for the next seven years, which addressed key significant amount of 279m euro, or 360m United States Dollars.

However, a release from the European Union quoting its delegation Boss said the indicative programme is basically ready and the jointly chosen focal sectors are fully in line with Liberia’s own strategic priorities.

Mr. Pacifici said that this developmental program is an ambitious programme which will underscore the political dialogue with actions and financial resources. According to him, supports among other things, the 2017 general elections and the General Auditing Commission the GAC, will finance new energy projects.

However, in 2013, several important issues took place, with Forestry Voluntary Partnership Agreement the VPA came into force after the ratification by the Liberian Legislature.

Meanwhile, Liberia’s Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan, has lauded the EU Boss to Liberia and members of the delegation for doubling their supports to Liberia.

Minister Ngafuan also recognized the European Union which is an important partner in the rebuilding process of the country, especially, in the areas of recovery and improving the image of the country.

He said Liberia and EU’s relationship, dated back to 1973, has seen massive improvements in the areas of Development Cooperation, Energy, Agriculture, Education, Security and Justice System.