Cemenco Begins Drainage Project In Sawmill Community

BY Jefferson D.Tweh

The Management of Cemenco Company has begun a major drainage project in Sawmill Community on the Bushrod Island.

General Supervisor for the Project, Deacon Daniel D.Turkett disclosed that the drainage project is undertaken by the Management of Cemenco Company as part of its corporate social responsibility and the project is estimated at US$11,440 and some materials, bags of cement, steel rods, loads of sand, and crush rocks to carry on the project in the Sawmill Community.

In an exclusive interview, Deacon Turkett told journalists that the Management of Cemenco Company has always rendered assistance to community members and also contributing to the growth of the community as well.

According to Deacon Turkett, the drainage project will last for fifteen consecutive days and young people in the Sawmill community be contracted.

He averred that the Management of Cemenco Company had always demonstrated its commitment to national development and growth; therefore she deserves commendation.

Please continue with your good gesture in Liberia,” the Deacon said.

The Sawmill Community Chairman, Mr. Charles Gray, said the intervention of Cemenco Company will make a significant impact on the lives of inhabitants in the community because when it usually rains, the entire community can be flooded and water can even enter some homes.

“Let me congratulate the Management of Cemenco Company for coming to our cry because we are really facing flood challenge in this community but the cleaning of the drainage will make mosquitoes to vanish and reduce health hazard in the community,” Mr. Gray stated.

General Services Manager of Cemenco Company, Mr. James D. Gibson, said the Cemenco Company is trying to live in harmony with its neighbors but people who are living in Sawmill Community, live in actual poverty, and Management of Cemenco Company has promised that they will always identify with them to make sure that their lives are improved.

Mr. Gibson disclosed that the Management of Cemenco will construct a modern clinic in the Sawmill Community because healthcare delivery is very essential.

“What I saw in the Sawmill Community is awful and I believe that the project might either run into US$20,000 instead of US$11,440 because I saw the living conditions of the people and everybody is talking about clinic,” Mr. Gibson explained.

Mr. Gibson added that the Management of Cemenco will initiate drainage projects on the Bushrod Island to enable young people get something to do and sustain themselves.