Cellcom Winners Return From Paris

Five lucky winners of Cellcom’s “oh la la trip to Paris” raffle campaign along with their partners have returned to Liberia after a weeklong all-expense paid trip to Abidjan, Ivory Coast and later to the romantic capital of the world Paris, France.

The couples departed Liberia via the Roberts International Airport (RIA) on Wednesday, April 23rdand traveled first to Abidjan, Ivory Coast to seek a visa for France.

Although not originally promoted as part of the winners package, Cellcom not only provided world class hotel accommodations in Abidjan and also increased the monies the winners received from $1,000 per couple to $2,000 per couple.

Speaking to journalists after their arrival during a press conference, Cellcom’s Chief Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks noted that because of the high level nature of the delegation, the winners were greeted personally by the French Ambassador to the Ivory Coast who issued visas to the entire delegation.

Kimmie Weeks said that Cellcom was proud to again give more Liberians the chance to travel abroad.   He highlighted that the winners of the New York promotion had already traveled to Casablanca and New York and returned safely to Liberia.   “We’ve already sent the first group and they enjoyed an extraordinary stay in Casablanca and New York.   We are happy that the next group has also gone to France and have all returned.”

Addressing the winners, Weeks said: “ I hope you had a great time in Paris and I hope you enjoyed all the historic sites including the Eiffel Towel.”

Kimmie Weeks admonished other Liberians not to lose hope if they had not been winners of the New York or Paris trips stating that Cellcom had an ongoing raffle offering a trip to Israel (also known as the Holy Land).    “If you did not win the trip to New York, and if you never went totrip to Paris, there is still hope that you can be on our next trip to the Holy Land where you will have the opportunity to see and experience all of the historical and Biblical sites that we’ve been hearing about for a long time,” said Dr. Weeks.

To enter the promotion, an individual simply needs to purchase Cellcom’s dual SIM phone for $15 to enter for a chance to win the trip.

Each of the winners expressed gratitude to Cellcom and said that the company had truly transformed their lives.  In remarks, each winner said that they would become new Ambassadors for the company they referred to as Liberia’s number one and best GSM corporation.