ULSA Members Declare Vote Of No- Confidence In Leader

Members of the University of Liberia Staff Association (ULSA), have declared a ‘vote of no-confidence’ in their President, Zizi K. Zubah, for overstaying his two-year tenure in violation of the association’s constitution.

At a news conference held on the University of Liberia’s main campus on Tuesday, the Chairman of the Concerned ULSA Members, Gabriel Pyne Wanjah, said Zubah’s term expired since 2013 and was required to constitute an elections commission to conduct new elections.

Wanjah told reporters that Zubah has remained defiant, refusing to step down, despite repeated calls by members of the association for new elections.

He noted that instead of stepping down, Zubah unilaterally appointed a new vice president and other officers to work with him in contravention of the ULSA Constitution.

Wanjah added that their decision to cast a vote of no-confidence in Zubah followed lengthy dialogues and consultations with the University of Liberia’s Administration and ULSA membership.

He noted that the membership also took the decision to disassociate from the pronouncement by Zubah calling for the dismissal of Ansu Sonii, Vice President for Administration of the University of Liberia last week.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Concerned ULSA members has called on the public and the University of Liberia’s Administration to halt all forms of business transactions with the Zubah-led administration in the name of ULSA effective immediately.