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Reviewing Fire Prevention Strategy

In recent times, fire incidents have escalated in the City of Monrovia and its environs thereby rendering many people homeless with thousands of dollars worth of properties destroyed. In the past two days we have witnessed and heard about fire incidents that destroyed several homes and properties in various communities.

Despite the kinds of awareness by the National Fire Service in Monrovia and across the country, people are still using items in their homes such as candles or tiger generators that usually result to fire incidents mainly in the city.

On Tuesday, fire again gutted a three-bedroom building on 10TH Street, while another fire incident occurred yesterday thus, destroying several properties in Monrovia. Frankly, the National Fire Service has done a lot in preventing fire disasters in the country especially in Monrovia and its environs, yet the careless use of candles and other combustible items continue to result to fire-outbreaks and sometimes claiming lives.

While we appreciate the efforts on the part of the Fire Service in preventing and curtailing these incidents, we are equally concerned about these incidents because this situation is causing lots of damages in Monrovia and its environs. We call on the National Fire Service Agency to review its prevention strategies on creating awareness about fire prevention.

In all fairness, we acknowledge the sensitization and awareness being created by the agency but recent fire incidents suggest that the National Fire Service Agency needs to redouble its effort in the various communities probably by using the airwaves to create awareness through the airing of jingo, dramas or other forms of strategies that will help in curtailing the many fire incidents.

While we are fighting on the economic front to ensure that we have our daily meals and our children go to school following years of devastating civil conflict, we do not want any other situation such as the continuous fire incidents to add to our inhibited despondence again. Let proper measures be put into place to curtail this ugly situation because Liberians have suffered too much for their sustenance.

As we earlier stated, we support the National Fire Service Agency’s many efforts in fighting and creating awareness on the continuous fire incidents which have affected every part of the city. Notwithstanding, we again call on the NFSA to find a quick remedy to the continuous fire hazards because in many cases, ordinary Liberians are mostly the direct victims of these disasters.

Again, we commend the efforts of the Fire Service but want them to be more rigorous in their approach by reviewing the fire prevention strategies to save our people from being made homeless because we have suffered a lot and need unconditional relief relative supra such as the National Fire Service Agency that is clothed with the responsibility of securing the country from fire incidents.



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