Quack Surveyor Jailed For Forging Dead Supt’s Signature

By Lewis Verdier

A surveyor in Maryland County has been jailed for illegal disposure of public land, and forging the signature of late Sunday Toe Peters, former Supt. of Maryland County of the former National Transitional Government of Liberia, the NTLA.

According to information, George Cherue, a surveyor who is not a licensed surveyor, was arrested and jailed on orders of Maryland County authority after several complaints filed against him for defrauding government including, sales of the parcels of land on the Park Wood Cemetery in Harper.

“There is mass encroachment on Government’s properties and authorities have discovered that people in government are in connivance with quack surveyors to sell public lands,” Maryland County Development, Supt. Nathaniel stated.

According to the information, Water and Sewer officials in the County also complained to officials about the encroachment on their lands in Harper, Maryland County.